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Make Time for Yourself
It’s Your time
Author Name : Notker Wolf,
Translated By : Gerlinde Buchinger-Schmid
Binding : Hardbound
10 Digit ISBN : 8124605599
13 Digit ISBN : 9788124605592
Edition : 1st edition
Year : 2010
Pages : xii, 151p.
Bibliographic Details : 43 coloured photographs
Size : 23 cm
Weight (approx.) : 200 gm
Price : $ 10

About The Book

TThe book Make Time for Yourself – It’s Your Time is a text written from a very personal standpoint, in the context of the author’s spiritual life as a monk. “Nothing in this world has eternal value.  Use your time and don’t waste it. . . .”  “Time is for most of us a luxury good.” Making time for yourself and giving time to others is a source of joy that enriches our lives. The quiet time we devote to prayer or meditation gives us strength to master our lives and enhances our spirituality.

Book Contents

1. Born for Joy 
2. The Big Question 
3. The Meaning and Limits of Work 
4. Dropping out is not an Option 
5. The Tempo of Life 
6. Taking off the Pressure 
7. Relaxation Gives us Strength 
8. Every Moment is Sacred 
9. The Monks' Concept of Time 
10. The Heartbeat of Life 
11. The Treasure of Sunday 
12. More Haste, Less Speed 
13. Meditation is Being Fully There 
14. Presence: Happiness is when Time Stands Still 
15. The Right Moment 
16. Learning how to Wait 
17. When Time is Hell 
18. Night Owls and Morning Larks 
19. Squandered Time 
20. Rituals are Necessary 
21. Time to Dream and Time to Grow 
22. Values -- Attitudes for Life 
23. Grateful Every Day 
24. Bless Your Time 

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